Mudathir Hayatullahi (Abu Lubabah) writes,
Abdulwasiu Olokooba Omobolaji, a 400 Level student from the Faculty of Law at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, has launched an online Law bookstore named Caliphate Law Bookstore.
The bookstore that was launched on Tuesday the 1st of December 2021 in order to promote legal literacy in the country, is the first online platform that sells Law textbooks and other Law-related materials in the Sokoto-Kebbi-Zamfara axis of Nigeria.

When asked about what motivated him to launch the online law bookstore he responded by stating that his desire for achievement was his motivation.
He added that he wants to dominate e-commerce in selling legal merchandise and other Law related items to concerned customers within the Northern part of the country, to ease their stress in getting quality Law materials and related items at affordable prices.
He also said he had realized that it is always an uphill task for Law students to get relevant textbooks in the Northern part of the country due to the unavailability of dedicated bookstores.
“I realized that there is no formally established Law bookstore in Sokoto-Kebbi-Zamfara Axis and this is a big minus to law students, legal researchers, Law lecturers and judges in this region.
“They buy books at exorbitant prices and most of the ones available in the market (particularly in Sokoto) are pirated.
“I launched this bookstore to bring Law books, Law reports, and other legal merchandise closer to residents of this region. It would now be easy for them to order any Law textbook or materials of their choice and get them delivered on their doorsteps at affordable prices,” he explained.
When asked if his online bookstore was launched for the benefit of Law students alone, Abdulwasiu shook his head, indicating no. He was happy to say that his online bookstore was launched to fill the inconvenience gaps challenging the Law students, lecturers and even the legal practitioners, emphasizing that, the bookstore is not for students alone, but everyone in the line of Law and its practices.
“It is not only Law books we have in our Catalogue, but we also sell suits, law reports, wigs and gowns.
“Our target is not only the law students, but also, the lawyers, researchers, and any other person willing to buy,” he added.
Abdulwasiu also explained that his bookstore has both PDFs and hard copies of the Law books.
“But since most of the Law books are hard copies, we mostly sell hard copies,” he said.
Abdulwasiu was asked how he manages to cope with his new initiative and how he wishes to tackle the challenges that may try to hinder his achievement, without one program disturbing the other, being a student and campus journalist, he said that he knew it won’t be easy and the tasks would be very exacting.
“Many people ask me this question: ‘How will you cope with these many engagements and commitments?’
“But I believe in my passion. Instead of viewing them as barriers to one another, I would rather use them to promote one another,” he replied.
It is known that the internet is full of scammers and fraudulent activities which have made people lose interest in online transactions, yet, Abdulwasiu Olokooba convinces his customers to patronize him and he has gained the hearts of many people who have tested his service and found him trustworthy.
“The main difficulty we have now is to reach our targeted audience because it’s not easy to convince people online.
“We promise to offer them better service, high-quality products, develop better branding and create a better user experience which we fulfil, and we have had many patronages amongst UDUS students for now, who have tested and confirmed our honesty.
“We are already contacting students from UNIMAID too. I realise they are facing the same problem as we in Sokoto,” he explained.
Some students from the Faculty of Law have expressed their satisfaction over the service rendered by the Caliphate Law Bookstore. They said that its establishment has brought ease and affordability to the purchase of their materials.
Abdulmumin Musa said that he was very pleased with the service rendered to him by the Caliphate Law Bookstore because his materials were delivered to him, which shows how reliable the bookstore is.
“I would love them to improve in online presence because people need to contact them from time to time,” he advised.
Adedokun Sekinat also confirmed that the Caliphate Law Bookstore is fast and reliable and their service is very interesting.
“I will love to do more business with them,” she confessed.
For Bilkis, she enjoyed every bit of the customer service rendered by the bookstore. She appreciated and commended the efforts of the founder.
“The books I bought were just what I needed and they were the ones truly delivered to me,” she said happily.

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