By: Muhammad Adeyemi

May I inform you that the affairs of a nation do not only depend on the  president of that country, but the common mistake of the people in the grassroots also contribute to the backwardness of such administration. People are fond of blaming the president always on major issues in the country in which the law has stipulated those who are to manage/govern the affairs of such issues but these people who are chosen by the people are irresponsible to their given duty.

Government is of three tiers in a virile democratic system of governance which are ; the executives, the legislatives and the judiciary. Only the judiciary didn’t go through the process of electoral system in designating who to be saddled with responsibilities. Meanwhile, the two other arms follow through the normal procedure of election which is determined by the power of the citizens (votes).

Selection of representatives both at the legislature and the executives make and mar the country which maybe lead to internal crises in government, agitation from some sects to go on secession, dwindling economy which may lead to recession, severe unemployment which has become the norms and increase in societal crimes.

It is imperative for citizens who are ready to vote to know the clearer and actual meaning of the difference between a political party and a candidate. There are some competent candidates under the wrong platforms (political party) that are not popular, but people become totally blind and become the decider of incompetency. It is time for citizens of Nigeria not to make this gross mistake in the election as it will take us one step forward and twenty steps backward.

The executives level of leadership can not perform in remarkable way if the legislature is hijacked by jackals and people of personal interest. This is the time for Nigerians to wise and scrutinize those who are to represent them from the highest cadre to the lowest position in our National election which is the state Assembly representatives.

Now, let me crystallise my analysis with reference to Nigeria system of government and electoral phases/stages: the forthcoming general election will be in two phases; the first being electing the Federal executives and legislative while the second will be that of the states executives and legislatives.

The Federal executives and legislatives which is scheduled to hold tomorrow, February 16, 2019 will  see voters electing those who are to be the President and Vice president (executives) also the voters on that day will elect their respective Federal legislators who are to represent their Federal constituencies and senatorial districts at the national Assembly in Abuja (members house of representative and Senators).

This is where enlightenment is needed. Don’t vote corrupt minded people to represent you at the national Assembly, they will determine the future or progress of this country. Mr President and vice president can not only do it all.
Therefore it’s essential for every electorate to know those people who are ready for better and equal representation by sending them to Abuja and not to turn the national Assembly to motor pack. You will determine your future and that of this country by this.

Similarly, the second phase of the election shall take place on March 2nd, 2019 which will encompass the seat of state governors and deputy governors(executives arm of government in any state) across 29 states and the state Assembly representatives across the federal. Don’t send bench-warmers to your state of Assembly out of negligence. Scrutinize the list of aspirants and vote wisely in peace.

God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria!

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