Hello “JAMBITOS”, sorry the (newly admitted students). ‘JAMBITO’ is just mere slang to describe new students in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. It is my pleasure to write to you today to enlighten you on how the Matriculation ceremony used to look like in UDUS. Wow, it’s going to be eventful and it used to come once in a lifetime under normal circumstances. The previous editions have been so colorful and Jambitos will be so eager to witness this year’s edition also. (JAMBITO MUST DANCE ). Yes, you will be surprised with the word, that is another slang in Sokoto Varsity.
I don’t know if you have read a novel entitled “A journey from hell to heaven” by Kyuka Lilymjok, you would have come across something called “A boundary of hell and heaven”. I know you would ask me how it relates to UDUS matriculation. Why are you so eager to know? I will surely explain it to you.
On the day of matriculation, you would see some students appearing in gowns, and those that do not worry themselves to collect their gowns from the Dean Students’ Affairs office will be separated from those that obtain their gowns. I compare the boundary between those that purchase gowns and those that do not with that boundary between hell and heaven. The only students that will be matriculated officially are those students that purchase gowns, but others will just be like a mere audience, so have you collected your gown?
I made mention of matriculating some Jambitos officially but you didn’t even bother to even ask me to explain it for you. That is the reason why you are a Jambito. I am not abusing you, but you are supposed to ask me now. but notwithstanding, I will explain it to you. They will be calling you out sequentially faculty by faculty and you will be sworn in officially as a student Of UDUS by the Vice-chancellor.
Some would show their happiness and some would be fuming like big boys and big girls. Meanwhile, whether you like it or not you are still a “Jambito”. It’s until you pass your 100-Level examination and have a grade that your name will not be Jambito again.
You would see some students with different acts on that day, some students would come out when they called students from the Faculty of Education and you would still see them among the students of Social Sciences. I will not mention a name, don’t be afraid but they know themselves. And some Jambitos will wear the gown to Night class just to ensure they use their N1000 completely. If I could remember the last two years when one student wore his gown to Night class at Mh2 and people were making fun of him. I know some Jambitos will do the same this year.

Some students can do anything just to borrow a gown from you, they will be like Oga, “Have you finished with your gown sir” just to take pictures, they will be begging other students to borrow their matriculation gown just to take pictures. Some can take pictures of the whole world, don’t mind me I also like taking pictures. It’s your day, you can take pictures to your own satisfaction. But don’t forget that the exam is fast approaching.
On the day of matriculation, you would also see female students with heavy make-ups as if they want to give them out for marriage, hmmm, some students would be thinking I’m referring to them, as a result of heavy makeups you may not even recognize some ladies again, though I am not saying that you shouldn’t makeup but you have to be cautious.
Some Jambitos will take pictures from photographers and they don’t have money, if you don’t have money, just come with a sharp camera to avoid disgrace from photographers, because they will just use your pictures to decorate their shop— only returning students can relate. Some people do believe that they don’t need to come for matriculation because they are too old for that, since you are not too old to apply for admission, why will you be too old to come for matriculation. Try your possible best and come because your children may ask for the picture you took during the day of your matric. It is not compulsory, but any pictures you snap on that day are memorable pictures
As you are set to be officially matriculated tomorrow, enjoy your day to the fullest and celebrate on the day of matriculation because you may not have the opportunity to celebrate it next year. I am using this medium to pray for you, as you are celebrating your day of matriculation tomorrow, you shall celebrate your convocation too without any hindrance from graduating with your colleagues. Amen.
Happy Matriculation In Advance.
Abdulrasheed Hammad is a 400-Level student of Law and Editor-in-Chief of the best press outfit on UDUS campus, PEN PRESS UDUS.

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