The Chairman of the Students’ Union Caretaker Committee (SU–CTC) is a different breed. Ever since his emergence on campus, he has pioneered so many developmental projects and initiatives for the betterment of students. Prominent among his projects is a modern relaxation seat constructed around the university community; unlike his predecessors, he is surely breaking barriers.
While the SU must be applauded for the good things they are doing, it is imperative to let them know that students are in dire need of educational programmes. Programmes like debates, oral contests, spelling bees, career talks, writing contests, guidance and counselling workshops, e.t.c. These events do not only serve as entertainment but also build the mental capabilities of students. They even make schooling so interesting.
Programmes such as career talks and guidance and counselling workshops will prepare students for life after school. Students will understand the opportunities that await them after university. They wouldn’t leave campus as mere certificate holders but with an understanding of how to use those certificates.
The SU is set to organize a cultural day and Inter-Hostel Cooking Competition, which is a good development. Such events promote unity amongst students. But it would be appreciated if the SU will also add more educational programmes to its to-do list.
Lastly, we believe if the committee can emulate the way UDUS management is organizing inaugural and educative lectures on campus, it would go a long way in developing students academically and would make the students discover their inner talent. In addition to that, the students who are craving to participate in educational programmes will be glad if the SU CTC can organize any of the above-mentioned enlightening events on campus.

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