Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes,
Money is an appellation used officially as a medium of exchange. It’s used to pay people for their work and pay for goods and services rendered. Nowadays, a lot of atrocities have been committed for searching for money which, as result, have been moving our society to a great height of decadency.
Recently, in our nation, peace has been lost, the love rate has declined, morals have been buried, fears rise by the day, and all solely because of money. Atrocious minds think of today only and forget there is existence after death. Bad people in our society today are careless and tempted into bad routes of getting money- in the sense that money is the only way to have a happy life. Forgetting that, youths and adults now venture into various horrible ways of earning it.
Their motives are just to get the money at all costs, no matter where it is or the way it has been found. They just all want to have money irrespective of if there are consequences to their actions or not. Although there are many legal and morally accountable ways of earning income, but these evildoers only find their own ways in cyberspace fraud, blood money, killings, banditry, and kidnappings amongst other nauseating measures. With that, they result in having a lot of money, satisfying their financial freedom, a lot as much as they desire.
This is obviously drawing back to an English saying that “when elders died, we lose wisdom; but when children died, we lose hope”. Now the question is that what hope is left for Nigeria as its youths, the supposed hope, the supposed future, and leaders of tomorrow are those that even engage in the ghastliness of these wrongdoings the most? No one wants poverty really, but there’s is no saneness in causing other souls grief for wealth.
The love for money now makes everyone to be callous, heartless, nasty, and brutal by which parents use their children for money; children use their parents too; lovebirds use themselves, and friends also use friends for ritual. What a travesty! The world now becomes immoral, sinful, unethical, outrageous, and heinous just in the name of riches. Peer pressure is another factor propelling many individuals to find money by all means. The aim of the kidnappers, bandits, robbers, pirates, traffickers, thieves, and those involved in corruption is to make money caring not for the lives of the victims.
Too much love for money now drags us away from the old heritage that offered us a better life; it now causes us to lose our culture, value, integrity, morality, dignity, religion, and even our future which previously beclouded our country. We now lost the righteous ways of our ancestors to the devil’s hand for the sake of money. But for how long will killings and rituals continue because someone wants to liberate from poverty? It’s high time, it’s just high time every individual believes in hard work and prayer, as those are the only right ways to leave poverty in the way that pleases God and even the laws of the land.
Deriving cheers from shedding others’ tears have to stop as there’s is always a reward for every action either good or bad. And in effect, those who perpetrate these acts should remember that there is life after death; that there’s hellfire as portrayed by the prophets; and that there is a judgment day as God would every time reckon in His books, and most crucially that money is not everything.
Contrarily, our government and other private institutions should also start empowering youths that are not educated to learn major skills and those with school certificates will get jobs to put an end to all these sorts of crime-involving acts for money. it is so sympathetic that the reason why people cause pain to other peoples’ lives is nothing but just to be financially happy and free.

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