Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes
Corruption is an illegal act of depriving some people’s rights for other people, it is a crime because it entails the habit of being biased and breaking down the laws of the land. Lawlessness is an attribute of corruption as it embodies the manner of disobeying the law to achieve a subjective goal. No goals of criminality are advantageous whatsoever, it’s rather perpetually detrimental to the health of the nation.
Dishonesty also symbolizes corruption in the sense that it is an illegal behaviour rehearsed frequently by powerful people such as governmental bodies. Corrupted people do not fear God not to talk of fearing people, this tempts them to go any length in doing anything they like for their private benefits. Corrupted leaders do not contribute to the development of the nation which makes us oscillate at just a point for several years like a wandering, hungry pauper helplessly. Nigerians look back at the history and see no betterment in their present lives, and also glimpse at the front and see no hope in the future for their own country- if things are said to keep continuing this same ill-fated way.
But it’s a travesty for just being bystanders that humorously fold arms and watch as things tumble instead of being eager and committed to the revival of the chaotic system. Tomorrow, truly, is not promising, but if today is not utilized to curb the bad characters and construct good plans ahead of tomorrow, things assuredly will turn worse as the future approaches. It’s also heartbroken that the government that pledged to battle corruption also propagate it. It remains a barefaced lie that an average Nigerian has never been a victim of corruption, this is why it’s high time all minds stood up to restructure its perverted entities in the country for our lost glory to be restored.
If our today’s government sympathetically erects things that have faced windfall in our nation, their effective actions will remain commemorative and their dignity will be memorialized. Corruption inaugurates from selfishness because all its goals are often for individual wealth. For instance, someone who was urged to distribute something to the masses that retained it to his custody due to his corrupted mind is selfish. If our leaders embrace selflessness and restrict selfishness, things we go upright, and the citizens will be glad.
Moreover, everyone knows what is right likewise what is wrong, to clean up the messes in our flag, we need to admit that corruption is a wrong act and stay away from it. Cheating is one of the other features that induce corruption. And cheating, as a pivot for corruption, began, when Nigerians thought the older leaders would make good contributions to the development of our nation from developing to a developed polity due to their experience during and after colonization, however, the expectation becomes faded as none of them utilized their knowledge to help their fatherland like the nationalist did. They then deceived and cheated everyone with fake manifestoes tagged with ‘change’ whenever they want power, and instead of making implementing the promised change, they change situations even from bad to worse.
Corruption is supposed not to be held with levity hands and those that are caught involved in it should be prosecuted according to the constitution, but also because the lawmakers in the system are also the lawbreakers, a sense in that bodies that are structured to eradicate corruption are also among those ones highly corrupted. If corruption is conquered, we will have a hitch-free nation in all aspects of the country’s styles and system and ever one will live a better life that we have been, for long, craving for.

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