By: Abdulmajeed Kangiwa

As it was, the pain in my heart was more acute than the terrible beating I was receiving from the police, I wished i died that time, maybe the pain would wipe away .

I have my indefatigable campus journalist friends to thank who campaigned vigorously and mobilized hundreds of students to protest for my release in front of the police station. They stormed the police station in Aluta chants demanding for my immediate release.

The police were thrown into great dilemma, should they release me and defy their superior orders? Or should they not?__They were also scared of what the hundreds of students chanting outside might do next if am not release instantly. Just then a call of relief came through “Zainab have been found, at the Usmanu Danfodiyo teaching hospital” her dad told the commissioner of police through a phone call.
I was immediately released, though the police wanted to take me to the hospital but the students insisted that, I must be released to them instantly.

“Are you her father” a nurse asked Alhaji Idris as soon as they arrived

“Yes” he answered while still moving with trepidation to the room where she was admitted.

Alhaji Idris heaved a deep sigh of relief as soon as he set eyes on his daughter while her mother rushed and gave her a warm tight hug placing kisses on her face “what happened to you  my child” she said  almost sobbing.

The nurse escorted Alhaji Idris to the doctors office, the doctor welcomed him and offered him a chair to seat.

“welcome sir, your daughter was brought to us in an unconscious state yesterday morning by a driver who accidentally hit her with his car. She had been unconscious for almost four hours, maybe she was going  to meet someone before the accident happened because when she gained her consciousness, she was struggling with our nurses to let her go, she kept shouting and pleading to us saying ” Sadeeq is waiting for me” but we were able to calm her and inject her to sleep.

 He listened patiently to what the doctor was saying and deep down he was angry with himself for almost causing the death of his daughter.

“how is she now?” he managed to speak.

“Actually, she is okay now, there is no external injury, we want her to rest for today, tomorrow we are going to discharge her” the doctor replied.

” thank you so much  doctor” he said as he stood up to go.

The school clinic became one of the most busiest places on campus, different set of people trooped into the clinic every second just to see me, almost a week after while I was still laying on the clinic bed I sighted a familiar face at the door side “that looks like that of Zainab” I said to myself.

I stood up with a jolt and gave a clear gaze, my heart jumped and immediately relief travelled down my gut. I only stood looking at her like a statue. I never knew she was that close until I felt her on my arms as she threw her arms around me and enveloped me in a hug “its over sweetheart, its all over” she whispered to my ears as soon as I hugged her back.

“What is over heart” I said so scared into ears.

“The broken heart have been mended, the sorrows have vanished” she said holding me tight

 I saw her  parents coming inside the room with smile plastered on their faces, I couldn’t stop the tears of joy from slipping down my cheeks. that was the end of a  beginning in our lives.

Despite the presence of her parent she didn’t go of me, she held me so tight like I was going to disappear any moment  there. Deep down I also
wish she never let go of me. We just held on to each other and seemed to melt onto one another. You wouldn’t blame us because we knew what we went through before that day became reality to us.

The story of her dad accepting our relationship spread within the campus  so quick, everybody was taking about it, in fact lectures didn’t hold that day, wherever the news was broken, chantings and cheers disrupts the lectures. I became the star of The and a love icon at the same time. Guys will always tell their girlfriend “I will love you just like Sadeeq the lover boy”


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