Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes,
“JAMBITO’’ is an appellation given to the newly admitted students in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, by the returning students and other members of the university. The name was coined from the word ‘Jambites’, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) applicants and is widely given to those who just got admitted into UDUS. This name was conferred on them to make jest of them as a new student on campus.
It is however a shock to me when I observed that most of the new students find it abusive when they are being called “Jambito”. A lot of the newly admitted students hate being attached to the name because it is often seen as a mockery to them and their egos.
Nevertheless, I want to let you know that the name Jambito shouldn’t be a reason for feeling so inferior to other students because it is restricted to a period of time and would elapse soon once you become a bona fide 200-Level student.
The returning students have also gone through this stage when they were admitted as new students and they were also called Jambito. Some months after, you would also call some set of people Jambito because your status would have changed from Jambito to a returning student.
Therefore, being a Jambito should not be a reason for you to panic because it shows how lucky and privileged you are to be admitted to this university out of numerous applicants that applied for this institution. Considering the great number of UTME applicants who strive to get admitted into UDUS, yet only a few are lucky to achieve such aspirations either by grades or pure luck, you should consider yourself lucky.
Dear Jambitos, it is an opportunity for you to be in university; so do not misuse it. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. Some of your friends are still at home, battling with UTME, to gain admission into UDUS. So, be proud of yourself, be grateful to God for giving you the chance, and be diligent with your primary purpose at the university. You’re the leader of tomorrow and your journey here is for a little time, so do not start on a bad note as the end would ask for your beginning–”the tomorrow lies on today”.
Endeavour to be of good character on campus, because UDUS, awards her degree based on character and learning. So, keep good company, stay away from examination malpractice because it would destroy you and your future, and be a good ambassador of your parents and your society at large.
Believe in the saying that “nothing is easy and nothing is difficult”, so anyone shouldn’t deceive you by saying ‘school is hard and you can’t graduate with first class. First-class is what you can achieve if you work for it now, but if you play with your studies in your first year and fail woefully, you may not graduate with it.
And to the returning students, remember you have been in a Jambito shoe before, so be kind and be worthy of the title given to you as seniors. Encourage and motivate them to strive for good grades because it is meant for human beings, not for the demons.
In conclusion, Dear Jambito, “Jambito” is a title you should be proud of because it portrays you as a prospect of greatness that is aspiring for excellence.

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