Again;  Misappropriation of Priority, SU UDUS

By: Usman Mustapha

The belief of a layman on the street could be wrong, if his understanding denotes that, Students’ Union is a governing council of the students. Maybe it used to be, but not anymore. The state of our Students’ Union today have become alarming and in need of immediate upgrade.

Students’ Union are the governing Council of the students, be it University, Polytechnic or College of Education. They are saddled with the responsibility of students’ welfarism.  Our lacking is and should be their priority, yes, we are paying them, even if it is a token.

The killings in Zamfara and other insecurities in the Country are directly worn on President Muhammad Buhari and his cabinet. If he and his cabinet were not legitimately voted, and salaries paid to them; communication allowance, wardrobe allowance, sittings allowance and other pots that earn them money, we won’t rain curses on them. But then these are the positions they fought for, the positions they wooed communities for, the positions they are basking in now after pulling pranks on us. Why on earth should they now decline us of our well-being? Or do they not recall the manifestos they echoed at the top of their voices while lobbying for votes? Lies.

After several days of thinking and research, my pen has refused its cap, the ink wants to spill of the misappropriation of priorities that lies in the Students’ Union of my dear School, UDUS. Even though many of their projects have been loudly claimed as scam, they have mistaken the head for the bottom. What should come first is now last, perhaps they are in lack of good advisers.

Explain therefore why at this critical time of deficiency in students’ affairs, an inter-faculty Cooking competition was considered utmost priority over more pressing issues. When even the Students’ Union Conference room has been in blackout for 5 weeks now, when many rooms in hostels lack fans and bulbs, like the case of IA Students who have complained bitterly of the water lodge at the Water Tank site, like the female students in the same block, who bath everyday in a pool of dirt and their male counterparts freshen up in bathrooms without doors, but then the almighty SU chose to scream at the top of their voices  ‘Of The Greatest Nigeria Students’ while hosting a competition that adds nothing to the welfare of students. An option to embezzle our funds, one can say.
Have I mentioned the SU Ambulance in which no one, not even the press knows the exact price? Or do they think we have forgotten the pledge made by the first lady of Sokoto’s State? Pity.

Jokes aside, students have been denied their deserved well-being. Our Union Directors have made people throw punches at one another, while fighting for space in the small viewing centre in UDUS. Even though the social director is a fan of social life, he has chosen to ignore the thousands of Danfodites that get drenched in sweat because they’re crumpled in the small viewing centres. Ironic I must confess because of the availability of an SU projector.

The Bakassi dwellers complain everyday of their unheard clamour. But somehow an Inter-faculty Cooking competition is considered best to be held? Joke!

Two weeks back, a news broke on social network that the Students’ Union of the University of Ilorin organized an entrepreneurship week to help students on their campus. The program benefited many interested entrepreneurs among the students. Money and other items were promised to be given to people who showed interest in the entrepreneurship program. This is the kind of Students’ Union that deserves applause, the kind students will be happy to get, not one whose negligence extends to forgeting insecurity in both the male and female hostel. The day I heard of the Unilorin’s entrepreneurship program and other schools’ program organized by their Students’ Union, I was so elated that the Nigeria youths are getting the point right, the point being the desire to eradicate unemployment in the country.

Johann wolfgang said: “Things which matter most, must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Good governance goes hand in hand with understanding priority. The Union directors have to know first the travail of students before embarking on any project. This will determine the effectiveness of such project.

The agendas of a good government of course should not be limited to certain projects. The social engagement of students is after all a part of the welfare. But as earlier remarked, what is deserving of most attention should be visited first before carrying out projects that seemingly do nothing to students’ growth. Whereas, If the Food Director must execute a project, a training on Catering services for Students would’ve been better appreciated than an Inter-faculty Cooking competition.

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