“To be frank, searching for water is a herculean task but it has now become a daily routine for all students dwelling in Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS) halls of residence,” these are the worries of Abdulmumin Naimot, a 400 level student of Education Islamic Studies who is a resident of Zamfara hostel.

She lamented that scarcity of water in her hostel has caused her a lot, which makes her to always wake up as early as 5:00 am in searching of water to prepare for school.

In most cases, Naimot fetches water in male mosque which is about 30 minutes trek away from her hostel. In a situation whereby she couldn’t get water at the mosque, she used to result to DV hostel which is more than 40 minutes trek away from her hostel.

Meanwhile, she left the private hostel in which she has been staying since 100-level for school hostel hoping that the basic amenities such as clean water supply, electricity and security are guaranteed. But her hope was shattered when she encountered water issue in the hostel.

UDUS as a university established in September 1975 is known for battling water scarcity lately. Students residing in her halls of residence always groan about water scarcity. Particularly, Zamfara hostel is the real definition of survival of the fittest. Even if there is water, it will still be insufficient because of the population striving for limited water resources.

“Scarcity of water is uncalled for” Says Final Year Student

A final year student of Agriculture, Ahmed Halimah Fumilayo, who resides in IB hostel bemoans the status of water scarcity in her hostel. “Scarcity of water is uncalled for, especially for student like me who always have lectures from 8am to 6pm,” she complained.

“In my hostel, the reservoir meant to keep water for students use in case of no water supply is always locked. With the help of the reservoir, most activities are easily done but unfortunately we have been deprived of it,” Fumilayo said. “Searching for water is becoming unbearable, imagine combining the academic stress with the water stress, one is worn out already.”

This final year student explained that water is very difficult to find during the weekdays but a bit accessible during weekends. She pleaded to the management for quick interference because it’s physically and emotionally draining.

Another student, Abubakar Fatimah, groaned over the water issue. She said, “Yarinya girls were banned from entering the hostel. The water supply is not constant. How do you want us to cope? Hadn’t been there’s water, those girls aren’t that useful.”

She added, “We are in the hardest phase of the semester, tests everyday and exams are approaching soon, still suffering to get water. It is these girls that help us to ease our tasks so that we can have time to study.”

School Management Reacts

In an interview with the chairman of students’ union caretaker committee, Comrade Abdullahi Sanusi about the water scarcity. He said, “Yes, I am aware of the water scarcity in the hostel.”

“Some days ago, the problem was linked with a light issue in the hostel, which was later reduced drastically. We (Students’ Union) are working hand-in-hand with Deanery in order to overcome the issue of water scarcity in the hostel generally.”

He ascertained, “For the Zamfara hostel, Students’ Union will soon cover and tile their reservoir for saving and preserving water.”

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