Ayoade Zariat Yetunde reports,
The Students’ Union Caretaker Committee of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, under the chairmanship of Muhammad Umar Shamsudeen, has through the office of the Social Director, successfully conducted a Cultural and Traditional Food Display DAY for UDUS students.
The event which took place at MH2 Lecture hall UDUS main Campus on January 2nd, 2022, was graced by representative from other schools, among which are Comrade Bagarawa, the President Of the Student Union, Sokoto State University, and other representatives from the College of Legal Studies and the State Science Student.
The Chairman of the Students’ Union Committee, Comrade Shamsudeen Umar gave the opening speech, noting that part of the reasons for organizing the program was to promote the Social and Intellectual abilities of the students in campus.

He also said that, ensuring a Mutual Co-existence among the students, regardless of the tribe or culture they belong to, is something the Students’ Union will promote.

The Cultural and Traditional food display featured programs, among which are; Cultural Dance competition, Food Display, comedy and Dance.
Various culture on campus turned out massively to contest, and showcase their culture. Tribes that performed Included The Oduduwa, The Oyo, The Nupe, The Fulani, The Hausa, and The Ebira where the Fulani culture people emerged the Overall winner.
The Nupe came Second, The Oduduwa came third, The Ebira Fourth, The Oyo came Fifth, and the Hausa came sixth.

Prizes were given to the winners and certificates were also awarded to the performers.

In an Interview with one of the Attendees and performer, Soliu Mariam Omowunmi, a 300 level student of Linguistics, who represented the Odùduwà tribe she said that the Program was actually okay and well organized, being the first of its kind on UDUS campus. She affirmed that it was an event that brought every tribe together to showcase their culture, learning from other tribes, seeing how things are done is a great thing.
“I represented the Oduduwa people where I chanted the eulogy of tribes like Ilorin, Oyo, Offa among others, I never knew we could come third place but I am very happy that it happened,” she said.
Ayatullahi Muhammad Awwal, a 300 level student of History said that the program was fun, everyone was there to cheer up their culture.
“I enjoyed myself so much, seeing people displaying their cultures with so much love and passion. Kudos to the organizers. It was really a wonderful atmosphere filled with so much educating interacting activities.
“As to always remember where we come from, no matter how far it seems to be, and seeing my tribe (Oduduwa) wins third Position, is something to be excited for,” Ayatullahi said .
David Omotola, a 200 level student from Physics Department also expressed her excitement over the program conducted saying that it was the first time it was happening and it was a good idea from the Students’ Union to organize events of such.
“Everything should not be about reading alone, sometimes, events like these are here to make you cool off a little bit from reading, so I look forward to more edutainment events like this because it was educative and entertaining, seeing how things are done in other tribe and learning from it, I would love to attend more events like these while still on campus,” she confessed.
Muhammed Shehu Muhammad, a 300 level student of Hausa expressed his delight upon the completion of the program, saying that he felt very happy, considering the way and the manner which the event was conducted, because it has been a while for UDUS to organize such event that unites different tribes who came from various parts of Nigeria and showcase their beautiful cultures.
“Also, coming from the Fulani tribe, I am excited that our tribe emerged as the winner and this indicates that fulani tribe are still doing well in this country despite the fact that some people are misunderstanding them due to the current security challenge in the north,” Shehu said.
Other students at the event also gave Kudos to the Students’ Union Caretaker Committee, especially the office of the Social Director, for organizing such edutainment event.

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