Abalu Khadijah Opeyemi writes,
Premarital simply means before marriage. Therefore, premarital sexual relationships are regarded as any form of a sexual relationship between partners before marriage.
This act has now become the norm in our society, especially among the students of the Nigerian tertiary institutions.
The majority of the students, females precisely, have been lured to bed all in the name of true love.
It has been a belief that a sexual relationship strengthens the love between young lovers, that having sex proves the existence of true love in the relationship and, all sorts of fake promises between lovers just to satisfy their own sexual urges.
Being myopic to the ladies, once a guy has access to the hidden canals, her values to him begin to depreciate.
Most female students are so desperate to use what they have to get whatever they want. A lot of them have traded their bodies in exchange for gifts from their lovers.
So sad and disgusting, sexual relationships have become the source of livelihood for some ladies. The prevalence of this act is, however, traced back to the causes.
Parental background or upbringing has a lot of impact on children’s life. They say, “Laxity begins at home”.
Some parents nowadays have abandoned their children to live the lives they want. They refuse to instill discipline in their children at an early age and before they know it, those children have become dried fish already. Peer group influence is another cause of premarital sexual relationships.
“Show me your friend and I would tell you who you are,” says an adage. Little or no friendships nowadays impact positively on the life of one another. They tease and mock you that you are not civilized because you don’t partake in what they do, and you also end up falling for their words after several temptations.
Another cause is the lack of exposure. Exposure here means experience and enlightenment. Poor or no information about an act is a very big problem that is affecting the youth.
Imagine a boyfriend telling his partner that sex is the only antidote for the pain he is suffering from in his stomach. Which doctor prescribed that as the cure, please? And if truly that’s the cure, why not take the right decision by going into marriage and rightfully having sex?
Lack of contentment, lust for money are also causes of premarital sexual relationships.
The journey of this act has a lot of consequences that affect mentally, psychologically, and biologically.
It leads to depression, regrets, guilt, loss of self-respect and shatters a brighter future.
Pregnancy at teenage, unwanted pregnancy which leads to abortion, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), drug abuse, and even suicidal attempt are the health impact of premarital sexual relationships.
This menace needs to be curbed to promote a future for the youths and the benefit of society.
In this regard, sex education should be logically done in homes, schools, and society to avoid the wrong mindset.
Also, the negative effects of the practice should be made known to people by campaigns and public enlightenment.
Sexual relationships are wonderful and fruitful if done in a righteous way (for married couples alone). It is also dangerous and harmful if done when it is not proper.

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