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2018 has been a very challenging year for both the students and Management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto – full of experiences and events that have emblazoned an indelible mark in our psyches, from the hustle and bustle of academic pressure, to short term lecture, to impromptu tests, to voluminous books and study guides, to a dysfunctional academic calendar that led to its altering, to the controversy that trailed the conduct of CBT examination and the aftermath, the tragedy of a windstorm, to the sudden ASUU strike action that has no doubt foiled the 2018/19 academic calendar, are all chronicles that this press outfit deems fit to divulge in the last year.
Meanwhile, as the old year wanes and the new year dawns, everybody wants to move on to the next level. To improve.
The next level here does not mean that of political lords who are hoodwinking their followers for personal political hegemony, but it simply denotes the mindset/target which we all wish to achieve.
We all have in one way or the other, a chink to redeem, new goals and dreams to pursue, we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of 2018. We all want to upgrade to that enviable point, but a reed cannot become an iroko tree by just dreaming, it needs to grow a stem so tall, it would brace the sky and a root deep in the earth, in the same light, we need to strategically invest immense efforts and  pray fervently to achieve our dreams.
We have to wipe out the agony of the past downfalls to prevent it from confining our mindset.
We must exploit every injury of the past experience as an inspiration to redefine and restrategise our plans to attain that peak, we all pursue.
Life is characterized by its dynamic nature and thus any human being who does not want to suffer from extinction, also has  to move along with the metamorphosis of life.
Moreover, in this 21st century, where information travels like thin air, the social media is the major tool in which people air and hear information. We can have access to what is going on in the nooks and crannies of the world, just by accessing the internet through our smartphones or computers.
In order to ensure timely and accurate information, and to commensurate our journalistic practice in line with the national and international standard, your beloved press outfit deemed it fit to employ technology to divulge  breaking, interesting and ribs-cracking stories to our readers
We have adopted blogging to evoke information.
This development is not aimed at subjecting our readers to a long process before they get access to information, but to ensure that we provide you an enabling platform to read our stories.
Facebook lacks some features which may not be effective enough to give our readers the clear image of our stories and that’s why we adopt blogging, thus we shall be posting our stories on facebook and blog.
As we all know that resources is the surviving tonic for  the progress of any organization, embracing the innovation of blogging will serve as a means of generating an internal revenue for this press outfit.
We are also thrilled to inform you that we have developed a Mobile App, which will make it easier for you to have access to ‘virgin’ news and comic stories on campus.
The application encompasses our blog and facebook page, thus paving a way for us to bring the campus chronicles to the fingertip of our readers.
Coupled with our commitment to hint you with the happenings on campus, we intend to include numerous columns on some sensitive and interesting stories on campus:
Morocco101, PenPidgin and MondayMotivation columns are just a tip of an iceberg, comparing to what we have for you this year.
Our reporters would also be assigned distinct ‘cesspitical’ beats to cover and come up with deep investigative stories which will uncover the malfeasance, forgotten diaries and stories that ‘they’ want hidden.
In spite of all odds, 2018 has been a very remarkable year for this press outfit, which has helped to redefine campus journalism in UDUS.
The press outfit remains undaunted. We have gone technology not distant, and this year we present to you another innovation to ‘lotion’ information dissemination in UDUS.
Remember, we lead, others follow.
Download Pen Press Mobile App on play store via:
Or search “PEN PRESS UDUS” on Playstore.
Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing our posts, we promise to keep you updated and we shall never let you down.
Join us in 2019 as we take campus journalism to the next level.

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