November 18th is the 322nd day of the year, (323rd in a leap year) and 43 days until the end of the year.
On 18th November, 1987, Mass Suicides happened in Jonestown, Over 900 people committed suicide at the behest of Jim Jones the founder and head of a group called Peoples Temple. Formed in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the mid-1050s, members of the group moved to Guyana in 1974 and set up a settlement outside Georgetown and called Jonestown.
Also, on November 18th 1963, Push button phones are used for the first time. Bell systems started replacing rotary dial phones by push button phone in the United States. Push button phones use keys or buttons to dial a number.
18th November, 1916 ended the Somme Offensive. The battle was brought between German forces on one side and British and French forces on the other during the First World War, thought to be one of the bloodiest battles of the 20th century – the conflict started on July 1, 1916, and was fought on the banks of the river me in France.
Furthermore, In 1903, Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty was signed between Panama and the US. The treaty created the Panama Canal Zone and set up the terms for the construction of the Panama Canal. Until 1979, the Panama Canal Zone was a territory of the United States.
The French began construction on the Panama Canal on 18th November, 1881 but had to stop due to engineering problems. The US took over the construction in 1904 and finished building the canal in 1914.
Moving Further, on 18th November, 1883 Canadian and American railroads adopt time zone. Prior to this, most cities had their own local time, making it difficult for railways to be on time and confusing passengers.
To solve this problem, private railways decided to divide the continent into 4 distinct time zones – the lines of which are very close to the time zone lines today.
Morocco celebrated Independence day from French and Spain on November 18 1956. Observing a public holiday on this day.
The Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia also celebrated the Independence of Latvia from Russian on 18th November, 1918.

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