By: Nurudeen Akewushola 
The Students’ Union of Usmanu Danfodiyo held Jambitos’ Day celebration today, the initiative which suppposed to serve as an avenue to recognize and educate new students as well as  enlightening them on what campus life is all about featured the female students of this holy Varsity twitching their waists and shaking their boobs haphazardly to the rhythmic movement of the hands of the Deejay.
Kudos to the Students’ Union for this wonderful initiative, in fact the new students really need to be welcomed and recognized so that they can actually feel belonged and by extension knows that they have actually entered the University, but is this actually the right way ?
The program was filled with lots of entertainment activities—Wrapping, Dancing and all sorts of musical performance. 
The program actually started  with dancing,then dancing and finally ended with dancing, with female students shaking their “bum bum” and male students too surrendering to their waist beads with neither students nor Jambitos really gaining from the beginning till the end of the program.
If not because I actually closed my eyes on the way,my eyes would have been disflowered by two girls who were seen using their precious two “oranges” to hit each other when dancing to the “one corner” tune of the “Dee-Jay”. The males amongst the  audience who had been aroused with their twerk  could not hold their feelings as they invaded the stage to fondle their shimming boobs and buttocks, the females dancers were eventually evacuated from the stage, and that was how the program later hit the rock. 
To be frank and sincere, I am not an enemy of  social activities but a program can actually be educative and still be filled with a lot of entertaiment.
Permit me to inform you that Jambitos’ Day is an initiative set aside  to guide new students  so as to prevent them  from many mistakes which are often made by many new students at their early days on campus.
Considering the rate new students fail woefully over lack of basic knowledge about what the University is all about, Jambitos’ Day should be exploited to educate these new students so as to prevent them from the academic turmoil.
A cursory look at Jambitos Day of 2018 when Jambitos were engaged in writing and oratory contest. This is a kind of program that actually unearthed the hidden talents of new students and enable them to realize their potentials. Many new students that engaged in that competition last year have now become good writers and orators on campus right now. In fact last year after the event, students danced to their satisfaction but at least they gained one or two things during the program 
The Students’ Union must have done well by changing the title or the theme of the program to another thing because Jambitos day is actually meant for new students to showcase their talents and not for them to showcase their hidden “front and back” or their “Barca and Chelsea”. 
Danfodiyo Varsity is not a play ground and it requires quite down-to-earth efforts to graduate with good grades. Thus, welcoming Jambitos with Dancing only is more or less like telling them that the University is all about social activities.
On a final note, I am not against entertainment and in fact I am a good fan of Wizkid but in an academic arena like this, Entertainment and “Edutainment” need to  go hand-in-hand. It is essential that we understand initiative behind a program before embarking on it. Our Students’ Union needs to understand that Jambitos supposed to be guided not brainwashed

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