By: Hussein Abdulbashit 

Good morning good people. Today, let us talk about something that is the pillar of our life that we are not building again, something that makes a man lives forever that we now see it as an option, and which is the greatest virtue in the life of a man. 

 Philip Peace said: “Because I am a man I am nobody”. It is still perplexing that in the world of today we still have men who are walking the earth with bravado, We still have fellows who don’t train their mind and soul with humility.  An individual who  has a sharp faculty of thinking will be left in awe that there are still fellows who walk on the earth without being humbled, and a real man will be perplexed that there are people living without training their mind with the aesthetics of humility. 

A Scholar in Rome whom  during his life time was known for his salient scholastic ability,  Poets and Orators used to praise him for his academic achievement. It was against these occurrences that this humbled Scholar hired an assistant whose major role then was to whisper to his ear when he got praised that “Remember you are just man”

Today, we see ourselves on top of the world, that we are no more humbled.We now wear around the garment of pomposity. We now protect our wealth more importantly  than the lives of our workers. We now allow our position, fame, popularity, knowledge and wealth to control us. We now believe that we are the best that we don’t seem to give regard to those who are below us, we now look down on people as if we were not once like them, we now walk on the earth as if we are going to have more than six feet when death grips us, we now abandon people who were our friends and family when we were nobody. 

We have all been told the stories of men who were the best during their lifetime, but it seems we always forget to ask ourselves one simple question that, what is that thing that kept those men alive till today. Believe me, it’s either their high level of humility, or their pomposity when they were alive that makes men to be tapping from the didatism of their life. 
Humility is the greatest virtue in the fate of a man, it is the brick that holds the soul of those real men alive, it is the strength of the argument of a man when he is no more. Be humbled, for nothing is ever guaranteed in life. Do not nurture the belief that when you are humbled you become inferior, but keep the heresy that when you are humbled you live forever.

Remember, irrespective of what you are doing there is going to be another set of individuals that are going to ride ahead of you as long  there is innovation. Have it at the back of your mind that no matter how much your scholastic ability maybe geniusity will keep on existing. Do not let your position, fame, power or wealth controls you for there men who were once in that position. Be humbled, for life itself is a contract that has no guarantee .

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