Our media today has become so populated by negativities. There is no time you turn on the TV or your mobile phones or you flip the papers that you no do not see yet another tragedy. Robbery here. Banditry there. Embezzlement over there. Betrayal right here. Boy hurting girl. Girl hurting boy. Humans being unkind to each other. Too many sad stories, one begins to wonder if there is any good left in this world. 

But there is good. So much goodness even. It may pale in comparison to the bad out there, but there is still good and that good as minute as it may be, deserves to be told and told well.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her popular famous TED talk said the danger of a single story is that it becomes the only story. What this means is that when we keep telling the same stories over and over again because we think they’re the majority, what we have might be true but a half-truth. There is another truth we must tell to accurately tell what can pass as the full story. 

That is what Humans of UDUS aims to do. Tell the other truth.

#HumansOfUDUS is a new column hosted by Pen Press UDUS. The series is curated by Uchenna Emelife, former Editor of Pen Press and curator of the famous #Morocco101. It will feature positive stories about Danfodites’ deeds to one another. Happy, warm, kind, compassionate stories with the intent of depopulating the sadness that is today’s society. 

#HumansOfUDUS does not attempt to write-off unhappy incidents in our world today, no, that would be living in a bubble. It is saying, irrespective, humans are still kind and how else can we show that if not by telling stories about the humans we can see — Danfodites? We want you to read an episode of #HumansOfUDUS and be reminded to give humanity another chance. We want it to challenge you to show kindness to another. That it is still cool to be good. It never went out of fashion. It just wasn’t told enough. 

So we need you to make this work. We need you to read these stories. Share them. Tag your friends. We want you our amazing readers to be our ‘happiness’ ambassadors who would prove to the world that within this small community, there is good and we are willing to spread it. 

So join me every Sunday, 8PM. The first episode goes live this Sunday. It is a heartwarming story that reminds us of the beauty of friendship and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Make it a date. Share! Tell a friend to tell a friend.

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