Hassan, …

Eventually, the rally started. You and your partner in crime followed the ladies, maintaining a distance within which you fed your lustful eyes to stupor. You exchanged comments whenever you noticed outliers – the impressively and depressingly sized bosoms or those from the standing and drooling categories. The procession moved around the school until noon. They rendezvoused at the IBB Recreation Centre for bites and maybe an interactive session that lasted for over an hour – at least, that was how long it took for anyone to come out of the hall. You couldn’t tell what was going on inside because you did not go in with them. You were almost calling it a day when you saw your superwoman exit with an older lady and go to a car parked on the premises. The women said goodbyes before the car zoomed out. Meanwhile, you waved her over, and she approached you, smiling. Her hoodie hung from her waist, around which she tied it like a sash.

“Hello, I think I saw you guys earlier,” she greeted courteously.

“You did?” You asked, eager to confirm that she noticed you earlier.

“I am not so sure anyway,” she gave a deliberately carefree reply.

You felt she was trying not to sound infallible.

“Of course, Grace. We were the ones you saw,” Emeka confessed, perhaps to ease the awkwardness.

“How did you know my name?” she asked, surprised.

“Your name’s right behind you now,” you answered, moving your index finger around an imaginary circle.

“Oh! I almost forgot that my name is behind my t-shirt,” she confessed and burst into laughter, covering her face out of shame.

“Yeah, it happens,” you came to her aid.

“I am Nnaemeka,” Emeka introduced himself, stretching out his hand.

She made to shake his outstretched hand, but someone called her attention, and she turned instantly.

She cursed under her breath and turned back to face you.

“Forgive me, guys. I must take my leave right away. Duty calls…” she announced, clasping her palms together.

And she turned away, jogging towards the caller.

“See you later,” you called after her in unison.

“Alright, see you later,” she called back without turning.

You wondered if Grace meant to see you later or was only being polite, but you hoped to see her again. You had waited for her until everyone began to disperse, but you caught no sight of her. When you asked of her from one of Emeka’s coursemates you saw exiting the venue, she assured you that Grace was still inside. She also said that Grace stayed behind for a meeting with members of the organizing committee.

You waited for another half hour, but she did not appear. Emeka decided he was not waiting anymore – he was famished. He turned dejectedly and told you he was going to grab lunch. After weighing your options, you chose free lunch and gave up the quest for Grace.

‘I can always find her,’ you assured yourself, grinning confidently.

to be continued…

Do you think Grace noticed what the guys had been doing?

Do you think she meant to see them later or only being polite?

What else do you think?

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P.S: This work is purely fictional. Any semblance to actual persons (living or late), places, or events are merely figments of the writer’s attempt at keeping in touch with reality.

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