Hassan, …

Saleemah began to regret her decision from the first night she shared with her new husband. Her late husband had introduced her to high bedding standards that she acclimatised to in no time, being a young lady. He gave her such a colourful first impression of the other room that she couldn’t help thinking of his brother as a eunuch because the latter could barely offer a fifth of the pleasure his brother gave her consistently. And that was the beginning of her woes.

Having much more money to throw around and even more rides to flaunt could not fill the void that her husband’s supposed weakness created, and she was losing her glow and smiley disposition. You suddenly noticed changes in her and asked what the problem was. She insisted she was alright until she could no longer pretend everything was fine.

She had phoned you one Saturday and asked if you were free. When you sensed the urgency in her voice, you made a mental postponement of the stuff you had planned to do. So she came to the University-Main Campus to see you. Barely had she started narrating her ordeal when she burst into tears. You understood that her silence was harming her. Her therapist had suggested she find alternatives when the anaphrodisiacs she recommended made little difference.

“Why don’t you just divorce him?” you asked when you eventually found your voice.

“I have told my parents, but they won’t hear of it,” she cried.

While you tried to imagine how foolish Saleemah’s parents were to keep her in an unhappy marriage, she did the unimaginable. She drew her phone from her bag and ran her fingers across the screen furiously before slipping it into your hands. Out of desperation, she had created an incognito EverNote, using many ‘crying’ and ‘please’ emoticons.

The note read, “My life is becoming a maze. Sleep with me, please!!!. Help me, I don’t want to go crazy!!!”.

Her plea caught you unaware – you had thought she was only looking for a listening ear to ease the burden on her mind. Your moral judgement set in; you had never made out with a married woman. For the very first time in your life, you gave an open invitation to sex a second thought. Although Leemah was younger than you were, her marital status complicated the situation – you’d never imagined it.

When she realised your hesitation, she insisted she was not asking for commitment. And with teary eyes, she had assured you that the arrangement would be temporary and with no strings attached – until she managed to recondition herself to the poor quality of coitus her man had to offer. At the spur of the moment, the feelings you once had towards her returned, and you agreed. The infectious smile that crept up her face said a lot about the load you helped her put away, and you were happy to help your former crush put her life back together.

to be continued…
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P.S: This work is purely fictional. Any semblance to actual persons (living or late), places, or events are merely figments of the writer’s attempt at keeping in touch with reality.

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