SUNDAY, 21/10/2018


The Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, is situated in the Northern part of Nigeria and it is one of the four federal Universities established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in September 1975.

The mission and vision of the university is to “Provide quality teaching, research and community service to deserving persons and communities, under the most peaceful atmosphere and in line with the national policy on education, irrespective of social class, gender, race, nationality and religion; and to ensure that at all times it serves as a centre for pursuit of research and academic excellence.”

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, stands out among the top universities in Nigeria as it awards its  degree certificates on the basis of learning and character.

The Arabic word “Iqroh” which stands as the motto of the university literally translates to “Read”, a sight to behold for every determined student, as there is no shortcut to achieve a premium feat in the university, other than reading and praying fervently.

It is also pertinent to note dear newly admitted students, that your admission into this university is not by worth but by opportunity. Many apply, few are chosen. Meanwhile you have to abstain from any illicit exhibition that might terminate your studentship on campus.

Let’s draw your attention to the fact that, the admission given to you is provisional, in the sense that, the university management has the prerogative to withdraw it if you contravene the laid down rules of the university.
The university code of conducts has been codified in the students’ handbook which its digital form has been made available on the university website for quick access.
It is mandatory for all the students to have the  copy of this book, for ignorance of the law as an adult, cannot be excused.

UDUS is a university that frowns at any form of misconducts, such as examination malpractice, indecent dressings, nudity, sexual assaults and any other form of social vices that contravenes the status quo of the university.

The registration process kicks-off immediately after you have been offered admission, so it is advisable for you to carry out the registration exercise now as the early bird catches the worm.

For several years, the mass failure of new students have been traced to their lethargy in starting their registration exercise, which the university has done her best to remedy it this year by releasing the admission list before the academic activities kick-off.
In fact, students who do their registration on time would be able to concentrate on their lectures and also they have the higher chance of getting accommodation than their late counterpart.

Despite the fact that you may not have been offered your dream course, study and perform excellently in that you are given, for in every course lies a bright tomorrow. Do not cross any boundary and avoid unnecessary peer groups. Stay focused to your studies as the easiest class of degree to clinch in UDUS is first class, provided necessary measures are taken.

It is on this note, the most influential press outfit in terms of fast, reliable and accurate information for the past 25 years and hitherto in UDUS, welcomes both the newly admitted and the returning students to the most peaceful university in Nigeria.



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